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As we’ve discussed earlier in the week, parents with sons and daughters abroad have every reason to be anxious over their well-being–even more so than parents typically are. This is even more true for parents whose children are serving in the armed forces. The bravery and honor of these families speaks for itself, and the respect they deserve is second to none.

And it’s not just parents who get worried. Soldiers’ thoughts constantly drift back homeward during nights in the barracks and over the course of long outpost shifts; they’re well aware of the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t stop moving when they leave home, as are their parents. Phone calls from home are often the greatest morale boost these soldiers can receive during service.

Prepaid calling cards are a cheap and painless way to reach out to loved ones fighting the good fight overseas. Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and many others number among the countries our services reach. And if your loved ones are stationed in low-conflict nations, such as Japan or the Philippines, there are plenty of cheap international calling options for both you and them.

Those who are fighting for the safety of our home are those who deserve a home the most. Even the briefest of calls can make them feel as though they’re back home.

Parents worry about their children every day, regardless of where they live. It’s a simple biological truth–one that’s made even more serious by the advancement of communication technology over the past decade. If parents don’t hear from their sons or daughters for an unusually long amount of time, they automatically assume the worst–something that their sons or daughters often get frustrated with, but will surely understand one day themselves. As we discussed last week, this is why international phone cards are a necessity for parents of students abroad.

Given how nerve-wracking it is to be separated from one’s children already, many parents can hardly imagine having a son or daughter who is volunteering in a war torn nation. But this is a reality many parents face today. Though the number of people volunteering in countries like Sudan, Libya, and Turkey appears relatively small when placed next to the entire United States’ population, the truth is that many parents deal with this scenario every day. Their anxiety is matched only by their pride in the bravery of their children.

Because of the conflict and other difficulties these countries face, communications can often be inconsistent. But Sudan, Libya, and Turkey are among the many countries Dollar Phone’s prepaid international calling service can reach. Even a five minute call can ease what feels like an entire lifetime’s worth of anxiety.

Yesterday, we discussed the benefits of international phone cards for students taking a semester abroad. This week, we’d like to focus on another major set of people taking time abroad–namely, humanitarian aid workers. These people leave the country by the thousands every year. Every family has at least one person doing this kind of work, often for tremendously long periods of time–and each time they return, they look a little different from the last time they were home.

It can be difficult to keep up with family members whose interests lie in international affairs. They see more in a few months than we often see in a year. And when you don’t hear about any of that, it can be all too easy to lose track of who they’re becoming.

One of the countries receiving a great deal of attention from aspiring aid workers in recent years is Ethiopia. While this is due largely to decades of political upheaval, Ethiopia also holds a great deal of appeal for its culturally rich environment and history. Ethiopia is home to no less than eighty ethnic groups and a whole host of different languages. Culture shock is the quickest way to learn about the rest of the world, and a trip to Ethiopia is culture shock to the eightieth degree. Anyone being dropped into such a situation for an extended period of time is sure to appreciate to hear from home; so purchase a prepaid international phone or phone card, and call them up!

Preparing for a semester abroad can be a daunting task. You have countless personal items to pack. If you’re not living with a host family, or in a dorm building, then you have to find a space to rent in an area with which you may not be acquainted. And on top of all of that logistical preparation, there’s the emotional preparation that precedes leaving your family and friends behind for a number of months.

Fortunately, we no longer live in those Gothic times in which going abroad meant the only contact you had with your friends and family was a lengthy letter every month or two. International phone cards allow you to contact friends and family at your whim, and vice versa. The only consideration to make, then, is how to fit family phone calls into your schedule.

Sounds simple–until you factor in time zone differences. The simplest solution is to use mealtimes for phone calls. If there’s a three or four hour difference between you and your family, one party can take a snack break while the other has lunch or dinner. Alternatively, if you’re on the other side of the world, have a brief call just before bed, when your family is having lunch, or vice versa. While these may night be your prime social hours, there are plenty of ways to get around time differences.

dollar phoneAs a pinless calling service, the folks here at Dollar Phone Pinless live for our phones. After all, what other device could we possibly use to reach out to places like Mexico and Israel for only a few cents per minute? Actually, thanks to today’s technology, you don’t necessarily need a phone to make international calls to friends and loved ones. Sometimes, all you need is a laptop, tablet, or any of your other favorite gadgets to reach out to the people who matter most whenever you need to!

If you’re a computer enthusiast, chances are you already know how to use your device as a secondary phone. Google has a built-in talk function for registered users, and programs like Skype make it easier than ever to make cheap international calls both locally and across the globe. The same goes for any tablet device, as everything from iPads to iPod touches have calling functions for those who simply can’t be near their phones at the moment.

While few things connect you to the ones you love better than a traditional phone, modern tech advancements have given us plenty of alternatives if you ever need them. And no matter how you choose to reach out, visit DollarPhonePinless.com to get the best deals around on pinless dialing!

Dollar Phone PinlessThanks to prepaid international calling services like Dollar Phone Pinless, callers can spend more time picking out what device they want to make pinless calls with and less hassle worrying how to reach out to friends. The smartphone market is evolving faster than ever, and every brand ranging from Apple to LG has something groundbreaking to offer users. Whether you live for the latest apps or just need a way to keep in touch with loved ones, here are some of the best phone manufacturers around:

Apple: This company needs little introduction, as you’d be hard pressed to walk down the street and not see someone using an iPhone. Apple’s smartphone is the most popular and frequently used thanks to its accessibility and constantly-evolving feature set.

Samsung: If Apple is leading the smartphone race, then Samsung is certainly right behind it. The longtime electronics manufacturer has been putting out quality products such as the Galaxy S3, which essentially puts all of the major features of a tablet or computer right at your fingertips.

LG: Another long-time electronics mainstay, LG has been crafting reliable and affordable smartphones ever since the technology first became popular. With a wide range of innovative products, you can never go wrong with this trusted brand.

Of course, these are just three of the many smartphone manufacturers out there. Once you’re ready to put your new smartphone to use, visit DollarPhonePinless.com to make the most out of long-distance calls!

Dollar Phone PinlessThanks to modern phone technology and instant overseas services such as Dollar Phone Pinless, picking up the phone and reaching out to another part of the world is as easy and instant as knocking on your neighbors door. Like any great invention, long-distance calling wasn’t always around and actually took a long time to develop into the convenient service it is today. Here’s a brief history of the world of long-distance, from its humble convenience to its status as a modern-day commodity.

One of the first long distance conduits was created in 1892, which allowed for communication between New York and Chicago. As many know, Alexander Graham Bell made the first cross-country phone call between New York and California in 1915. As the telephone continued to evolve, reaching out to more and more locations all over the world became possible. Which brings us to today’s technological age, when picking up the phone and making pinless calls is more immediate and enjoyable than ever.

The world of prepaid international calling has a rich history, and the strides made by the world’s great inventors are celebrated every day when people put these products to use. Ready to become a part of calling’s future? Visit us at www.DollarPhonePinless.com today!

Dollar Phone PinlessThe country of France is packed with tons of exciting landmarks and popular activities, and more people are headed over there than ever now that summer has officially arrived. More than just a source of cuisine and croissants, France has something fun for just about everyone heading over to the area this summer. If you weren’t able to join your closest friends on their summer expedition to France, you need not worry. Thanks to Dollar Phone Pinless, you’ll be able to keep in touch with any loved ones overseas, every single step of the way!

Whether your buds are taking pictures from the Eiffel Tower or exploring the country’s trademark architecture, you can reach out to France for just a few pennies using our prepaid international calling service. If you’re dying to know all about France’s most famous landmarks but weren’t able to make the trip yourself, we make it easier than ever to stay in touch with any part of the world.

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Dollar Phone PinlessWhile our cheap international calling service is used on all types of phones all over the world, it perhaps most popular on today’s smartphones. And out of those smartphone users on Dollar Phone Pinless, a vast majority use our service with the universally popular iPhone. This industry-leading phone is constantly changing in terms of both hardware and software, and users have even more innovation to look forward to later this year.

Apple’s iOS7 will be available this fall for all types of iOS users, whether they own an iPad, iPod touch, or the ever-popular iPhone. The update to the long-running operating system might not seem substantial at first glance, but users will soon come to notice the subtle overhaul given to the software’s look and feel. All of the icons and text have been completely redesigned to have a simpler, brighter, more minimalistic look to them, and the revamped control center and new iTunes radio will surely delight those who simply can’t put down their i-devices.

Just as Apple is always providing some of the best mobile phone software and hardware, DollarPhonePinless.com continues to innovate in the world of pinless calling. If you’re ready to put your fancy new iPhone to use, our prepaid international calling service is the best way to reach out abroad!


Dollar Phone PinlessIt’s now the end of June, which means the caps of graduates all over the world have officially hit the ground, marking their passage into the start of their adult life. Whether you’ve just completed a Bachelor’s degree or a PhD, finishing school can be a massive and sometimes overwhelming transition. Fortunately, the cheap international calling options available at Dollar Phone Pinless allow you to reach out to friends all over the globe when you need them most.

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